The Better, Faster, Cheaper Way

To Get More Orders with Ordery

The Better, Faster, Cheaper Way

Why let the lockdown slow down your business?

Use Ordery to offer Quick & Easy Ordering for your customer and gain more sales!
  • You got very busy and frustrated in taking orders via FB PM and Whatsapp.
  • You need to trace back lengthy FB PM and Whatsapp records for order details.
  • You got messed up with your pending and completed orders.
  • You are spending a lot of time on liaising with customers to explain stock availability, delivery fee, coverage area, time slots for pickup or delivery and the list goes on…
  • You should be spending more time getting more new sales!
  • You need Ordery to keep your business running better!

How Can Ordery Helps in Growing
Your Business?

Increase Customer Ordering Frequency

Our user and mobile friendly ordering system offers a quick and easy ordering process to bring your customers back to order again, driving up your customer retention.

Grow Your Monthly Sales

Manage your orders easily via our ordering database functionality with automated sales performance analysis on bestsellers, top customers, etc so you can focus on growing your sales.

Increase Customer Spend

Via add on item feature, your customers will be able to easily choose add on options to their order and automatically increase the total order amount you receive from each paying customer.

Instant Update for Customers

Use our direct ordering system to reduce your time and manpower cost. Share your ordering link to friends or family and your customers get an instant update on the stock availability.

Simple Yet Powerful

Create awesome product tables in seconds, with the exact product data you need!

Quick One-Page Ordering System

  • Order multiple products and variations with one click
  • Quickly find products with instant search and filtering options
  • Order confirmation with payment page: Bank-in details / COD payment / *Payment gateway
  • Easy to share as online menu / catalogue / order forms

Personalize Your Order List

  • Get your own brand URL link to your ordering system
  • Create and organize your online menu or catalogue easily
  • List hundreds or even thousands of products and update stock availability anytime
  • Let your customers order online and choose to pick up or delivery with date and time slots

Easy to Setup and Manage

  • Simple and intuitive interface ordering system to use
  • Incredibly flexible and easy to instantly update stocks and manage orders
  • Designed for store owners to save time and avoid human errors in taking orders
  • Fast and furious setup within 48 hours - we are providing free order items uploading service

Fully Automated Sales Reports For You

  • Automatically shows your sales performance data: daily sales, bestsellers, top customers etc
  • Get your items ordered online so you can focus your time on sales, production and supplies
  • Use your sales reports to make better business decisions during this difficult MCO time
  • Go digital and transform your business with an ordering system to cope through this tough time


Easier ordering for your customer to increase your sales volume indirectly!
Ideal for restaurants or wholesalers and suppliers from any industries!

Instant search, sort filter

Instant search, sort filter


Quick 'Add to Cart' buttons

Fine-grained product selection

Fine-grained product selection

Full product data control

Full product data control

List unlimited products

List unlimited products

List dates and time options

List dates and time options

It’s Tough Time. We are Here to Help

The impact and after effect of Covid-19 may last for a while. We hope to help your business with
our ordering system to cope during this tough time.

We are providing this once in a lifetime deal for your fast and feasible survival plan.
Limited time deal of FREE Store Setup!

Quick & Easy Process

Get your items ordered online throughout this MCO period with Ordery today!
All you need is to provide us your company details with your product list and we’ll set up
everything for you.

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